Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

One way to avoid standing hours in a line just to eat an overpriced steak and pre-made house salad? Stay home! Not only is Miss Rona still acting up, but the whole dinner & a movie scene? Yeah it’s getting played out… Look, I’m just the messenger!

I know you’re no stranger to this at-home dating scene after the shit show we lovingly call “2020” but Valentines Day is coming up & it’s time to spice it up a bit. Whether you’re wanting a low-key evening or something sexy to pass the time, you’ve come to the right place.

Scavenger Hunt:

This is my all time FAVORITE way to spend time together and make it fun! I do this for my husband at least once a year for all sorts of occasions. All you really need is some paper, a pen, & a little imagination. Lead your partner to find chocolates, a new outfit, or maybe that new cologne they’ve been eyeing down.

These clues only took me 20 minutes to write out but my husband had a BLAST searching for his gift!

Add a little spice- Once your partner gets through all of the clues, the real prize is finding you in a sexy outfit!

Truth or Dare:

Why reinvent the wheel? Take this old game & add your own flare. Pick your partner’s brain and ask them to spill those deep dark secrets or have them make that silly TikTok you’ve been dying to recreate. This is a sure-fire way to bring you closer.

Add a little spice- Make it Rated R by upping the ante. Don’t want to spill the truth? Fine. Strip!

Cook Together:

Food is a great way to anyone’s heart so why not bring it back to the basics this Valentines Day. One person takes the apps & dessert while the other prepares the main dish. This is a great opportunity to spend time together learning how to make each other’s favorite dishes!

Add a little spice- you can quite literally add in spices to any dish you make OR you can use a blindfold and have each other do some blind taste testing! Be sure to add in a few body parts every now & then 😉

Homemade Street Tacos from date night!

Spa Night:

Face masks, finger foods, & foot soaks makes for a fantastic evening (how ya like that alliteration).

Add a little spice- splurge on some good massage oil & a few candles, turn the lights down, and put those hands (or any other body part) to use!

Let me know below which date night idea you decided to try out!

With love,

Sleepy Sista


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