Black History Month but All Year

Black History Month is such a great time to acknowledge & celebrate black excellency. Just because February (oddly the shortest month of the year) is dedicated to celebrating black people, it doesn’t have to be the only time you celebrate the contributions black people have been making for decades.

Check out some easy ways to celebrate black people year ‘round:

Movies & Books

Watching movies & books about black people are an obvious way to learn, but think outside the box! Watch movies that have lead black actors, go see a play (Hamilton anyone) with a cast made up of BIPOC, follow black filmmakers on social media & hype them up! You don’t need to only watch movies about our struggles, your support of any kind is appreciated.

Books are also such a great way to celebrate black folks, year ‘round. This is my favorite method for sure because this can be done at any age! There are so many great Black Authors for both children & adult books.

Buy Black

I know you just love Amazon, so do I. But guess what? Amazon doesn’t love us back. You know who does love us back? Black Entrepreneurs. You want to know why? Because you are feeding their family. Buying black is such a simple way to support a black business owner and their family and score some one-of-a-kind product. Win win! Remember, buying black does not always mean cheap. Don’t assume you will be paying retail store prices for items. These entrepreneurs most likely put their blood, sweat, & tears into their business and have priced items accordingly.

Incorporate Diversity in the Workplace

This might not be an option for everyone depending on your work environment but if you are able to incorporate diversity acknowledgment in the workplace, do it! We spend so much time at our jobs, why not make it a place that celebrates all of us? I recently started a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee at my agency. Luckily, it was supported by my leadership team but I had a game plan and pitched it in a way that made it difficult to say no! Of course we celebrate Black History Month, but the goal is to educate and celebrate all the time by offering things like film showings, staff trainings, and meeting regularly to talk about how to make our agency a more inclusive place to work


Similar to buying black- donate black. This doesn’t have to be specifically towards black organizations (although that is wonderful) but if there is another cause you are interested in, make a donation request! I used to work at a homeless shelter where we served single men, women, & families and people would make donations of cash all the time and often times ask that it be used towards single mothers or to help with transportation for someone working. There is nothing wrong with making a donation request to help out a minority family or individual in need.

Lots of extra cash sitting around? Create a scholarship program. Partner with your favorite non-profit & help them give back to those they serve on a regular basis!

Educate yourself

Last but most certainly not least, educate yourself. Don’t just read the books or watch the movies. Don’t just throw money around or buy clothes you don’t need. Educate yourself. Learn why it is so important to show love to the black community regularly. Learn why black history month came to be. Learn, learn, learn & then teach, teach, teach.

P.S. DO NOT ask a black person to teach you either. Similar to how you found this blog, do some searching!

With love,

Sleepy Sista


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