What’s In My (Diaper) Bag?

If you are an over-packer like me, you have come to the right spot! I promise that little human you have does not need 3 outfit changes, 5 pacifiers, & 9 teething toys.

Check out my list of diaper bag necessities:

  • Start with a diaper bag that has a ton of pockets! I have this one from Target and love it.
  • Diapers, obviously. The trick is to plan at least 1 diaper for every hour you will be gone.
  • Wipes, no-brainer.
  • Petroleum jelly. I use this 3 Oz squeeze tube, perfect for protecting little booties from diaper rash on-the-go. I’ve found that using petroleum jelly for every diaper change is more effective in preventing diaper rash than any medicated cream is in getting rid of it.
  • Burp rag.
  • Easy-to-wipe changing pad.
  • Extra pacifier.
  • Disposable masks, thanks Miss Rona.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Plastic bag, to throw dirty diapers in and keep the smell from lingering.
  • Blanket, I love these light-weight swaddle blankets from Copper & Pearl. So many cute options!
  • Snacks for mom, absolute must.
  • Extra onesie & pants. I suggest throwing a plain white onesie in that way it goes with anything & you won’t miss it in the closet.

There you have it! Over-packers, you have no excuses anymore. I promise that your babe will be fine with just these basics. Of course you can always throw in a toy or teether but if you forget it, no sweat!

With love,

Sleepy Sista


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I'm a mom, wife, social worker, & blogger. Sharing a raw look into motherhood, natural hair, & everything in between.

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