6 Products All Naturals Need

I’ve been natural for over 5 years but just recently became confident in what my hair needs to thrive. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth and health since implementing a routine and investing in a few key products.

I wish I would have been able to do a quick internet search when I was younger to figure out how to handle my natural hair. Instead, I opted for a relaxer because it seemed “easier” to manage. Boy was I wrong! After my big chop I realized just how damaging the wrong products and the wrong information can be for our hair.

If you’re like me & ready to embrace your curls but not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s jump right in.

Here are 6 products I highly recommend for a natural at any stage in their journey:

Silk Bonnet
Use this EVERY single time you go to sleep. It protects your delicate curls from friction and helps retain moisture in your hair overnight

Silk Pillowcase
If you can’t get yourself to sleep with a bonnet or your bonnet slips off overnight, have a silk pillowcase as backup. It provides the same benefits as a bonnet and provides an added layer of protection!

Microfiber Towel
Your natural hair needs moisture. Make sure to keep any moisture locked in by using a microfiber towel on your head during wash-day. Regular towels are designed to soak up moisture, hence why we use them to dry off. Microfiber towels help retain moisture & cut down on friction to your strands.

Silk Scrunchie
Sometimes we just need to throw our hair in a bun & go- but don’t just reach for any old ponytail holder! The elastic ones you see most commonly are straining for your hair and cause breakage over time. Reach for a silk scrunchie instead. These will cause less tension on your delicate ends and I think they’re pretty cute.

Spray Bottle
This isn’t a necessity but any seasoned natural hair veteran will tell you how much easier a spray bottle makes your life. When you’re doing a protective style or applying product, your hands will most likely steal some of the moisture needed in your strands. Keep your hair damp by having a spray bottle near to spritz on your hair, especially the ends, while you style it.

Wide Tooth Comb
Detangling is a crucial step in taking care of your hair because it helps get rid of knots that can cause breakage if left unattended. Always, always, always detangle on wet hair and if you don’t have a wide tooth comb, your fingers will do the trick!

Did you notice that I didn’t mention any specific creams/oils/gels? That is because everyone’s hair is different! Products are not a one-size-fits-all and it takes time to figure out your perfect concoction.

You may have sensed a theme but if not, there are two things to remember- reduce friction and retain moisture. Over time you will see growth and health to your hair!

With love,

Sleepy Sista


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I'm a mom, wife, social worker, & blogger. Sharing a raw look into motherhood, natural hair, & everything in between.

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