Postpartum Series: You & Your Parents

Before I had my son I dreamt of the day I would see my dad shooting hoops with my son or pictured my mom taking my baby to the beach for the day to play in the sand. Please tell me I’m not the only one who envisioned the type of grandparents their parents will be?!

It’s okay if you fantasized about the type of grandparents your child would have and its okay if you were let down (or pleasantly surprised). Let’s talk about that!

Here are some common expectations vs. reality you might face when it comes to your parents becoming grandparents:

“My parents & I will become closer now that I can relate to them on another level.”“My parents stopped checking on me as their child & only check in on their grandchild.”
“I don’t think my parents will be able to help much, they have a lot going on.”
“My parents have been so helpful with last minute daycare when plans fall through.”
“My parents are going to respect my parenting style, they won’t be pushy.”“My parents don’t understand boundaries & keep trying to push their opinions on me.”
“My parents are going to want to hang out with their grandchild every weekend!”“My parents have only seen my child a handful of times since he’s been born.”
“My parents didn’t treat me well, I’m nervous for how they will treat my child.”“I’m relieved that my parents are much better grandparents than parents.”
“My parents will love & spoil my child!”“My parents don’t seem to care about how their grandchild is doing.”

When you become a parent you are going through such a big life change that it can feel like everyone else should be just as invested in your family as you are. If any of these resonate with you then realize it is not a reflection of you or your child- your parents are people with feelings, responsibilities, & stressors all of their own.

If you are pleasantly surprised, soak it in! If you are let down, do not let it take away from the joy your new little one brings you!

If you need help setting boundaries check out my blog post for tips!

Did you parents pleasantly surprise you or were they a bit of a let down when your little one arrived?

With love,

Sleepy Sista


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