Pack Your Baby’s Suitcase Like A Pro

My family and I are planning a trip to Austin, Texas next week and after a quick Pinterest search, I found a ton of packing lists that either had you packing WAY too much or WAY too little.

I’m no travel expert but I feel like a good rule of thumb is “less is more, but don’t skimp on being comfortable.” That being said, here is what is in my baby’s suitcase:

-1.5 outfits per day (5 days of travel x 1.5 outfits=8 total outfits). This might be more than enough but you don’t want to get caught with a blowout and no change of clothes. It’s also a good idea to pack a variety if you’re unsure about temperature fluctuations.

-Diapers, obvi. Pack your typical day’s worth & then add 2 per day. See the first bullet point.

-Wipes, just bring a pack. They can be good for wiping down little fingers & sticky surfaces.

-Pacifier WITH. A. CLIP. I think this one is self-explanatory.

-Vaseline. This is so good to use if babe gets dry skin, a diaper rash, runny nose, etc. I personally use it during every diaper change to make sure my baby’s butt is protected.

-Gas Drops. This isn’t a necessity for everyone but if you plan on having your babe try new foods it might be good to prepare for a rumbling tummy.

-Bath Soap

-Baby Lotion

-Nail Clippers if you plan to be gone for more than a week.

-Socks. Even if you’re going somewhere warm, it’s nice to have some socks for chilly plane rides.

Less is more, but don’t skimp on comfort!


-Sleep Sack

-Portable sound machine AND charger

-Baby Carrier. I packed a wrap that is easy to fold up & throw in the diaper bag. I’ll use it in the airport and when we’re exploring if a stroller isn’t feasible.

-Birth Certificate (some airlines will need this for your babe to fly).

-Baby Ibuprofen/Tylenol. You don’t want to be looking for the nearest drug store at 2am on vacation.

-SNACKS!!! For the plane, for the car, for the uber, for literally anything.

-Books for the plane ride. These books are a MUST HAVE. They are literally impossible to ruin.

-One or two quiet toys for the plane ride. Preferably one favorite and one new to hopefully keep them entertained.

-Stroller. Check if your airline lets you check a stroller for free!

-Car seat, if renting a car. Check the price on adding a car seat to your car rental. If not, you might be able to check a car seat for free!

For the Beach:

-Fitted Sheet. Weigh down all 4 corners with a stroller, cooler, beach bag, etc. and you have a sand free play area for your little babe.

-Small Lunch Box


-Swim Diapers

-Bucket Hat with a neck protector. Nobody likes a sunburn and the last thing you want when you’re traveling is an unhappy sunburned babe.

-Sunscreen. I use this one. It’s organic & non-toxic for the whole family.

-Long Sleeve sun blocking swim shirt

Now sure, you could definitely pack up the whole nursery if you’re worried about forgetting things but remember- LESS IS MORE. Traveling can be stressful on the whole fam!


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