3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery

While everyone’s journey is different, especially depending on your labor and delivery experience, there are a few things every new parent should be prepared for following the arrival of their little one.

No matter how you bring your baby into this world, you have just underwent a major event and no amount of preparation can get you fully ready for the 4th trimester. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying!


It might sting to pee. This was easily the worst part of postpartum for me! You drink so much water to stay hydrated and healthy, especially if you are breastfeeding, but with that comes the urge to pee. All. The. Time.

The combination of stitches and urine is a big OUCH. My advice? While you are peeing, use your peri bottle filled with cold water to relieve the stinging as it happens.


Boob soreness. If you plan to breastfeed, your milk coming in might feel as a shock. You will literally ~feel~ let down and sometimes it stings! It doesn’t hurt but almost as if your nipples fell asleep and they are starting to wake up LOL. Weird, I know, but you’ll see what I mean. Just know that breastfeeding should never be painful. If you are feeling pain when your babe is nursing, see a lactation consultant. If you are feeling pain in your boobs, looked out for clogged ducts which can lead to infection!


You might not want to have sex for a very long time. Like, a looooong time. Even though you may be cleared at 6 weeks, do not feel like it is the norm to jump back in the sack right away. Your body underwent a major trauma, and although the outcome was a positive, your body is still recovering. Take as much time as you need and remember you are not alone!

While postpartum can be difficult and challenging and painful, it is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling times in our lives! Take it slow, lower expectations for yourself, and live in the moment. We will never get this time back.

Good Luck, you got this!

xoxo, Sleepy Sista


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I'm a mom, wife, social worker, & blogger. Sharing a raw look into motherhood, natural hair, & everything in between.

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