1st Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are such an incredible milestone for both the parents and birthday babe. Celebrating a year of life, parenting, transition, growth, etc…can be a lot. It is definitely cause for a celebration!

In between the party planning or reminiscing it might be a little difficult to decide what your babe really needs for their first birthday. They change so much during the first years of life so not only do you want to get something they can enjoy now, but also that will last until their birthday!

Here are 3 affordable birthday gifts any birthday babe will love:

Magnatiles– All of the fun of legos without the injuries! These things are so fun to play with, for both me & my toddler. They can be pretty expensive but I’ve linked an affordable version here.

Water Table– These things have been all the rage lately and it is pretty obvious why. They are so versatile and can be filled with all sorts of activities! Sand, crushed cheerios, ice cubes…seriously, get creative! They can be kind of spendy but I scored this exact table at my local Marshall’s for $20!

Diverse Dolls– Gender norms are out and inclusivity is in. These dolls are perfect for my toddler because he’s still too young to understand how to actually “play” with dolls but he’s never too young for representation. This set is everything! The dolls are mini and come with a little carrying basket. Seriously perfect for a first birthday.

While books & clothes are great options, these gifts are timeless, durable, and can be passed down for years.

No matter what you decide to buy or not buy your birthday babe, you are doing an amazing job and should celebrate that!


Sleepy Sista


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