1st Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are such an incredible milestone for both the parents and birthday babe. Celebrating a year of life, parenting, transition, growth, etc…can be a lot. It is definitely cause for a celebration! In between the party planning or reminiscing it might be a little difficult to decide what your babe really needs for theirContinue reading “1st Birthday Gift Ideas”

5 Newborn Must Haves

Baby shopping is undeniable one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. Imagining all of the cute outfits you’re going to put your baby in. All of those fancy Montessori toys you’ve seen on Instagram. The cute loungers you HAVE to have. All of that is great and all but totally unnecessary. YUP, I said.Continue reading “5 Newborn Must Haves”

3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery

While everyone’s journey is different, especially depending on your labor and delivery experience, there are a few things every new parent should be prepared for following the arrival of their little one. No matter how you bring your baby into this world, you have just underwent a major event and no amount of preparation canContinue reading “3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery”

9 Questions You Haven’t Thought to Ask Your Daycare Provider

The adjustment from parental leave to childcare can be rough for anyone but luckily there are some ways to ease the transition. The number one way to keep anxiety down is to feel 97% confident in your provider! I don’t say 100% because odds are that you won’t trust anyone to take care of yourContinue reading “9 Questions You Haven’t Thought to Ask Your Daycare Provider”

Postpartum Series: You & Your Parents

Before I had my son I dreamt of the day I would see my dad shooting hoops with my son or pictured my mom taking my baby to the beach for the day to play in the sand. Please tell me I’m not the only one who envisioned the type of grandparents their parents willContinue reading “Postpartum Series: You & Your Parents”

6 Products All Naturals Need

I’ve been natural for over 5 years but just recently became confident in what my hair needs to thrive. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth and health since implementing a routine and investing in a few key products. I wish I would have been able to do a quick internet search when I wasContinue reading “6 Products All Naturals Need”

Bi*ches love Bedsharing

My son has started to cut his first teeth & his sleep quality has rapidly declined because of it. To beat the teeth & keep the minimal amount of sanity we have left, we decided to bedshare. Contrary to popular belief, bed-sharing is normal and safe and can be beneficial for both mom & baby’sContinue reading “Bi*ches love Bedsharing”

What’s In My (Diaper) Bag?

If you are an over-packer like me, you have come to the right spot! I promise that little human you have does not need 3 outfit changes, 5 pacifiers, & 9 teething toys. Check out my list of diaper bag necessities: Start with a diaper bag that has a ton of pockets! I have thisContinue reading “What’s In My (Diaper) Bag?”

Postpartum: You & Your Mental Health

One of the biggest changes that having a child brings, other than having a whole ass human to keep alive, is the changes to your relationships. Your relationship with your mental health, your partner, your parent(s), your job, your friends, yourself, and your overall relationship with the world. I want to start off this seriesContinue reading “Postpartum: You & Your Mental Health”