1st Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are such an incredible milestone for both the parents and birthday babe. Celebrating a year of life, parenting, transition, growth, etc…can be a lot. It is definitely cause for a celebration! In between the party planning or reminiscing it might be a little difficult to decide what your babe really needs for theirContinue reading “1st Birthday Gift Ideas”

5 Newborn Must Haves

Baby shopping is undeniable one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. Imagining all of the cute outfits you’re going to put your baby in. All of those fancy Montessori toys you’ve seen on Instagram. The cute loungers you HAVE to have. All of that is great and all but totally unnecessary. YUP, I said.Continue reading “5 Newborn Must Haves”

Simple Ways to Start Loving Yourself

Humility is out and self love is in! Not feeling the love? No worries; we all have our moments, days, weeks, hell sometimes even years. You are not alone. Do you remember the last time you felt good? No, like really good. Like want to take a hot ass picture, post it on social media,Continue reading “Simple Ways to Start Loving Yourself”

Black History Month but All Year

Black History Month is such a great time to acknowledge & celebrate black excellency. Just because February (oddly the shortest month of the year) is dedicated to celebrating black people, it doesn’t have to be the only time you celebrate the contributions black people have been making for decades. Check out some easy ways toContinue reading “Black History Month but All Year”

Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

One way to avoid standing hours in a line just to eat an overpriced steak and pre-made house salad? Stay home! Not only is Miss Rona still acting up, but the whole dinner & a movie scene? Yeah it’s getting played out… Look, I’m just the messenger! I know you’re no stranger to this at-homeContinue reading “Date Night Ideas for Homebodies”