3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery

While everyone’s journey is different, especially depending on your labor and delivery experience, there are a few things every new parent should be prepared for following the arrival of their little one. No matter how you bring your baby into this world, you have just underwent a major event and no amount of preparation canContinue reading “3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery”

Postpartum Series: You & Your Parents

Before I had my son I dreamt of the day I would see my dad shooting hoops with my son or pictured my mom taking my baby to the beach for the day to play in the sand. Please tell me I’m not the only one who envisioned the type of grandparents their parents willContinue reading “Postpartum Series: You & Your Parents”

6 Postpartum Must Haves for the 4th Trimester

When I got pregnant in 2019, I only had one friend with kids and her youngest was 4. It is safe to say I felt a little lonely and clueless throughout my pregnancy journey. I found myself googling “is this normal” multiple times a day, taking pictures of any & all discharge, and spending wayContinue reading “6 Postpartum Must Haves for the 4th Trimester”