3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery

While everyone’s journey is different, especially depending on your labor and delivery experience, there are a few things every new parent should be prepared for following the arrival of their little one. No matter how you bring your baby into this world, you have just underwent a major event and no amount of preparation canContinue reading “3 Things to Know About Postpartum Recovery”

What’s In My (Diaper) Bag?

If you are an over-packer like me, you have come to the right spot! I promise that little human you have does not need 3 outfit changes, 5 pacifiers, & 9 teething toys. Check out my list of diaper bag necessities: Start with a diaper bag that has a ton of pockets! I have thisContinue reading “What’s In My (Diaper) Bag?”

6 Postpartum Must Haves for the 4th Trimester

When I got pregnant in 2019, I only had one friend with kids and her youngest was 4. It is safe to say I felt a little lonely and clueless throughout my pregnancy journey. I found myself googling “is this normal” multiple times a day, taking pictures of any & all discharge, and spending wayContinue reading “6 Postpartum Must Haves for the 4th Trimester”